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5 Videos where you learn:
  • 24 chords in 5 minutes (without having to memorize them)
  • The secret formula to build ANY chord
  • A unique technique to memorize chords easily
  • How to apply your piano chord knowledge immediately to play songs
  • Special tricks and rhythms that make beginners sound pro in minutes
4 BONUS Videos where you learn:
  • Chord progressions to apply to hundreds of songs (you'll be able to play these in 1 easy lesson!)
  • The "upside-down trick" to make ALL CHORDS sound better
  • Practices tips galore that you need to get better (without hours and hours of practice)
  • Exercises, fingering lessons, inversions and much more...
Beginner Piano Toolkit, including:
  • PDF chart of ALL major, minor, augmented and diminished chords
  • FREE Virtual Chord/Scale Program to find ANY chord or scale
  • Piano notes flashcards
Plus MORE BONUS VIDEOS I'll send you via email 

Basic piano chords is just one piece of learning to play piano...I give you those plus way more in this video series.

Think about it this way.  If I gave you a list of words would that make you a great writer?
Or if I handed you a bunch of ingredients would that make you a great chef?

The obvious answer is no.

That's why I am giving you more to work with than just a bunch of chords from a chord generator...TOTALLY FREE...to learn to play piano in a short time, without reading music, and while having fun learning music you like all the while.

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